Such a pretty Lady!

August 4, 2011

On the off beaten side alley that is Scott Alley (off Flinders Lane), lies hidden a cafe and a couple of boutique clothing shops.  Nestled among these establishments is Lady Petrova; a unique house label which is stocks clothes only fit for the elegant and feminine woman of today.

I was introduced to this store by an old housemate Caro, who was a friend of Petrova herself.  I instantly fell in love with the quirky label, in which has an array of delicate, handmade items on stock.   Petrova Hammond, the owner and director of Lady Petrova, started out as a fashion student at RMIT.  After making it into the final three on ‘Project Runway Australia’ in 2008, she has since established herself as a quality designer with an edgy yet elegant approach to modern fashion.

Although these garments do come at quite a cost, they are limited edition items that only a few would have, so you would never have to worry about crossing paths with someone wearing the same thing as you.  Another reason to shop Lady is the quality of the garments, with many made of beautiful silk and satin’s.  Some of my favourite items are her fabulously designed dresses in which are reversable, essentially giving you two dresses rather than one.

Her shop front, although rather small, is one that is intimate and offers comfort with the exceptional service provided.  Lady Petrova stocks many other brands and offers an array of unique shoes and accessories, including Telulah and Mink Pink.

Definitely worth a look when exploring the hidden streets of Melbourne!

Click on the link below to explore the wonder of Lady Petrova


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