And class, what did we learn from today’s lesson?

August 7, 2011

When life gives you lemons, ask where is the tequila?  Or in my instance, tuaca bombs?

At times in life, in which I have come to that time, it is time to get your drink on.  To reward yourself? Perhaps…Because you promised your friend you will party hard with them? Hmmm…. Or is because you miss someone already so much, your heart may ache for their return?  Okay….the last one maybe!

So during a large night that didn’t end until 4.30am, I find myself craving my Facebook fix when I come across a message from a crazed lady.  It so happens to be that the person who I crave for their return that much, has been in fact seeing another girl at the same time.

Due to the drunken nature of the message, it was hard to get the message; should I be backing off or else, does she just want to know or is she trying to get me to hate him so she has a chance.  All these questions popped into my head, but being the lovely person I am, I wrote back ‘Yes’ to her question.

Over the course of the day, we talked and found out some horrible things this boy was doing to us to manipulate us.  It upset us and made me cry a little and die on the inside for that split moment.  But in times of sadness, came something I did not expect.

I didn’t want to rip this chick’s head off and hit it for six with a baseball bat, but rather be friends with her.  She was awesome and where I would want to be in two years time.  It was like looking in mirror, our personalities that similar.

My point here is that even in times of pain and torture of knowing someone you started to love and open up to, has hurt you big time, you can find a positive somewhere.  I was just lucky I didn’t have to look hard for it.


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