Look to people you know…they may just inspire you

August 9, 2011

My brother is a champion.  Only a few of these kind exist in the world.  They care about everyone around them, regardless to how much they may be pissing them off.  They are friendly to those they don’t even know.  They know how to make you laugh, even when you’re sad and they work hard to be the successful person they are in life.

He has a degree in marketing.  Although he is currently unemployed as he quit his job in Darwin, I still look up to him as I always have.  He is cool, suave, friendly, funny, hardworking and dedicated, loving to his friends and family and the coolest brother one can have.  If anyone of you have befriended him, then you my friend are very lucky.  You will never have a more loyal friend then Glenn.

Appreciate those around you before looking for inspiration.  You may just be lucky enough to find it in your own backyard!


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