Get yo knit on!!

August 10, 2011

So, looking out the window in Melbourne, its pretty crappy.  It’s misty and cold.  I normally wouldn’t complain about rain, however its not even rain!! Its just moist air, which doesn’t even provide enough water for plants.

So while you Melbournians are cosying up with a cup of tea, getting the winter blues, why don’t you grab a ball of yarn and some knitting needles and get yo knit on! Its a great way to spend a day inside and you actually get something out of it.  Make a tea pot cosy, scarf or mittens. 

If you’re not the knitting kind or just special when it comes to getting two needles and a ball of wool together, why not surf the net and check out these websites: – Zosienka and Rosie are a London based company who have hand crafted, little pieces of cuteness and randomness all at a reasonable cost. – This blog is a friends and you guessed it, it is by Hannah Robertson.  It’s full of randomness, as well as wonderful and informative articles and blogs on political issues.  Very fun, daring and full of perspective! – Has to be one of my favourites.  Full of awesomeness!!

So, get out that baseball bat and beat away the depression brought on by Melbourne’s horrendous weather…



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