Little plastic box of magic and fun

August 12, 2011



As I rest my weary head in bed, with a bout of tonisilis hating on me and a sore head from $1 champagne, I stumble upon this website.

My eyes stare at the page for a moment, then come to the realisation that yes, this website is all about old-school hip film camera’s.

Browsing through, Lumography (as it is called) offers an array of film camera’s, each with different specs and something different to offer.  Currently, they have a new collection out called ‘La Sadina’, where the camera’s have been designed to resemble sardine tins.  Yes, you heard me, sardine tins!

My favourite camera in which I plan to purchase for my 21st to capture many moments will be the Diana +, a cult classic of the 60s.

This camera offers pinhole shots as well as panoramic, 35 mm shots and option for flash.  Also, it is only $60 for the base model.

Start browsing and get snap happy!!


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