I love rock…

August 14, 2011

No this is not a post about rock music.  It is a post about my weekend, in fact my week that actually for the first time in quite a while has been uninspiring…

I did get a Falls Festival ticket.  I did make a new friend.  But….

I found out a boy didn’t have feelings for me or respect me, but somebody else.  I obtained tonsilitis and now in addition, hayfever.

My brother is upset at me because I couldn’t travel three and a half hours one way for his birthday due to my illness and two presentations due this week at uni.  I visited the man who was my father figure for 10 years, in rehab with a part of his skull missing and I am getting behind in my studies.  Plus, money starting to get low.

I want to cry right now.  Mostly because my brother told me that I suck.  OUCH!!

Why is it that boys say horrible things to me?  Am I destined to be as Hannah R says it ‘FOREVER ALONE!!?’

Today I have no inspiration.  Time to Feng Shui the bedroom and bring the positivity back into my life!


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