Summer, where are you?

August 15, 2011

So I decided to watch 500 days of Summer again.  For the fourth time.

The other three times I watched it, I was fighting with him or content.  This time neither.  Is it ironic that his name is also Tom and that he likes architecture?  Or coincidental?  All I know is tomorrow when I wake up and can block him again, I will and forget him.  Except that I am Tom in this instance and he is Summer.

I love the ikea scene the most.  I remember as a kid running through stores pretending to be grown up.  But now I am and its thrilling, yet scary.

Now I am waiting for Summer, as in the season.  Between Falls festival and Asia, if I ever get there, I am going to have a fabulous time and actually get to live!  Perhaps I will go away and never come back, but I will be free from all control, at 21 for the first time in my life.

500 days of Summer, you lift me!

Click on the link below and watch my favourite scene!


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