Time to dance into Spring!!

August 16, 2011


Its nice and mild, about 20 degrees, sun is out with the blue sky mainly clear with a few clouds streaking its presence.  You’re not sure if it’s too early to sit in the sun and tan, or wear your short shorts and bathers, but the smell of it being so near…magic!!

Spring is also when my birthday is.  This year being my 21st!  I have already decided what I want for my birthday. Below is the review of the Pentax k-r SLR. My first SLR!! Exciting times 😀


Ok, so you photography buffs might be thinking ‘man, that’s basic’, but considering it’s my first and is only $560 odd dollars, I figure that would be a great 21st and doable.

So to all my friends who view this and are coming, talk to my mother or brother and just chip in…haha…but really!

Anyway, so back to this spring feeling.

On the weekend it was miserable, as was I, with tonsilitis and the Melbourne sky a dull grey.  I Googled custom bikes as I would love a bike (a vintage style one as a) I’m from Brunswick, b) Summer in 500 days of Summer has one and c) I WANT ONE!!!).  I was surprised to see one I could put together myself and make it really retro or just a basic model, barely going over $600 from Papillionaire.

I was shocked!  You even have the choice of a wicker basket at the front…awww!!!


As Byron from NAB used to say ‘Come at me bro’. So Spring and Summer, you have been warned.  I am coming after you for a good time!



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