bbs, just going to Em’s place

August 17, 2011

Waiting for a friend to arrive at Melbourne Central, I decide to buy myself a cup of coffee.  However it was 7.30pm and in Melbourne, the majority of coffee shops are closed at this time.  So I settle for Mrs. Fields, even though I know it will be god awful.  That coffee met my expectations…

So I wonder off, still exhausted from the hectic schedule I run, when I come across an adorable place that is ‘Emily’s Place’.  Just located off Knox lane between Swanston Street and Melbourne Central, Emily’s Place is an adorable, old fashioned cafe which is inviting and cosy.  The lovely barista on the night asked me why I was having another coffee.  I replied ‘the coffee I am drinking is hideous.  Please appease my desire for coffee and make me a wonderful mocha’.  He smiled and said ‘ I will make the best coffee you will ever have’.

I promised him that if what he was saying was true, I will post on my blog about his cafe.  Needless to say, I was brilliant.  Smooth and velvety, which in Melbourne can often been overlooked even though a vital component of coffee.  There wasn’t a bitterness as though the coffee had been burnt or the milk too scolding hot.  It was just right.

As I sat pondering, I relaxed into one of the corners of the small, dimly lit cafe.  To my amusement, they had silent films playing starring Charlie Chaplin, which only added to the charm.

Try something new and try it 🙂


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