My friend the chocolate cake

August 17, 2011

Yes.  It is a name of a band.  A funky indie rock, pop, folk band (I am covering all basis’s here!) and they are quite enjoyable to listen to.  I am disappointed to hear that they recently toured and I missed their concert…frowny face.

But on another happy note, my new found friendship with HR (who I inevitably met after we slept with the same guy without knowing it…) has become quite lovely.  Last night I called her up while catching up with a friend for drinks, then made my way to her doorstep in which she let me in (even though I smelt boozy) and offered me a bed.  She didn’t have to, because I live in the same suburb, but different sides.  But she still did and she also had many gifts awaiting.

It is so nice when a friend gives you a gift of appreciation of your friendship and I believe it should be done more often, even if handmade e.g. cupcakes.  Especially when you have shared a horrible experience.

Anyway, I was delighted to see she had bought me the SINGLE, MOST ADORABLE hot water bottle with a fawn sewn into it.

I shall take a photo of it another day and post.  But its pure awesomeness!!

Wow I have gone crazy posting lately.  You are probably thinking I have no life.  But in fact, mine is superb.  I have great friends who I see everyday, I have a job that I work when I need or want, I am studying and I am blogging.  Perfect!


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