Not another bloody cliche…

August 17, 2011

The title to my next presentation due next week.

We have to write about cliches and what is our favourite one.  Personally, I dislike cliches.  They can be open for so many ways of interpretation and can be used in the most awful of instances.  Especially on the news.  You know, that horrible cliche/awkward joke that the anchors come up with (but really they are reading it off a teleprompt in which some lame writer actually wrote!), that is only worthy of a CRINGE? 

Or they can be good for a laugh…which is really the only reason I would break into a moment that could only be captured by a cliche.

While searching for horrible news cliches on the internet (my exact Google search, which not surprisingly did not provide me with much material), I came across this link on Google Video. 

Yes, you know it.  The ol’ George Bush quotations.  Sure they are not cliches, but these quotes are pure, 100 percent Bush quality.  HIGHLY ENTERTAINING!!!  George, you may have been one of the worst presidents on record for the US, but man you were one funny president.

On that note, Obama, you should be proud to have not slipt up like this idiot!  Even though people say you have done nothing, just for not potraying yourself as a moron, you are a winner!

Watch it, laugh about it and dwell on the fact that he was once the leader of the Western World…LOL!!


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