Oh Honey, don’t you do that thing

August 17, 2011

Deciding whether to be super stingy to go on an epic journey through Asia or be tempted to party and go to Queensland, have an ace summer partying and lying on the beach or save money for university next year, is bloody hard.

I want to do it all! If I could have input on a post it would be this as it is hard to decide.  Unlike many people I have recently encountered, I don’t have my parents pay for my overseas trip, but rather earn every cent I have.  Though it would be nice, but not as rewarding.

My Asia plan is to go to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.  But I am too broke.  I have credit card debt and I choose to study over working, until I have at least fell into a rhythm. Oh and did I mention I just spent $450 on concert tickets in the past week alone…?

Ok, so there is my downfall.  But rather dwell on the fact that I am too poor to travel just yet, I’m that excited that I am going to Falls Festival for new years and seeing many of my favourite artists over four days.

If only I could have attained Gotye tickets, then life could have been complete (or near it anyway).  So to any of you who have a Gotye ticket spare, please oh please hit me up!  I shall leave you with some Gotye with his new single ‘Somebody I used to know’.  Gotye, you’re a babe (but to HR, Chris is more of a babe)!



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