I want a typewriter…

August 18, 2011

Typewriters are an interesting machine.  They don’t require power, they type only one font, they are generally reliable (unlike the word document I am trying desperately to open right now…DAMN COMPUTERS!!) and you don’t require a printer to print the text.  Plus, they are environmentally friendly!

As I had tea and macaroons with the fabulous HR, we were discussing life’s little surprises and events.  Gossiping like highschool girls again.  We wondered off into the elms of the Digraves Underground, which leads to Flinders Street Station.  This is where I found typewriters…and now I have a love for them.

Reading many zines, I wondered that if I were to own my own typewriter, would I be able to create my own zines?? Sure I could anyway, but typewriters have that effect of authenticity. 

Anyway, I have to dash to my lecture, but more on my day with HR and the night ahead later.

For now, here is a link to the underground zine place called Sticky Institute.



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