$1 Champagne…oh so classy!!

August 19, 2011

So, HR and I have found our favourite hangout on a Thursday night as it is Ladies night.  Its name is Cho Gao.  Located in Melbourne Central (so easy for sober and drunken access and in the same vicinity of a train station and tram), it is an asian bar that has Asahi on stock 24/7.

But Thursday night is where it is at.  Last night I spent a whole $7.  I had a whole pizza and three glasses of Champagne (similar to passion pop, but is cheaper than a glass of coke and also appears to be more classy…but fails everytime!).

This place is always busy and the general atmosphere pretty great.  I love the tacky asian paraphernalia and the post-maoism touch with pictures of Mao and Kim Jong, that give you the feeling that you have just entered a communistic era.

Needless to say, with cheap alcohol especially on Thursdays, I have ended up a mess on the floor plenty of times here.  Uni Students, get down and boogie at Cho Gao. Nuff said!


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