Lost in Brunswick…the saga begins

August 21, 2011

I rung up Mitchell, a man in whom I was buying my typewriter from.  He informed me that afternoon suited him, so I sat on the couch until it came time to move.

12.45pm-  I leave the house and walk to the tram stop about a km away.

Here I sit for about 20 minutes as the tram decided to be late…grrr I am rarely late and usually that is due to public transport.  So why, when we pay good dollars, do we put up with late transport?

1.10- Tram eventually arrives.  I sit in the tram, wondering where the hell I should get off.  I really didn’t do my research properly on this. I am was aiming to get near Sydney Road, Brunswick.  But of course the 55 tram doesn’t go anywhere near.  So I decided to get off at Albion Street, thinking it sounded familiar.

I got off the tram and looked around.  Sydney Road, nowhere to be seen.  I cross the road and decide to keep walking.  From here onward’s, time was all but lost.  I was walking in a daze, enveloped in a warmth only Spring could provide.  The old beautiful houses with their gardens ready to bloom, looking upon at me as I casually strolled by.  All I was thinking of was sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.  It was magical!  Eventually after about 20-30 minutes of walking in one, straight line, I hit Sydney Road.  But then, as I look around for Albion Street, I realise another hike was about to occur.

I find Sydney Road quite depressing.  Its dark and dingy, looking like that dodgy service station that is about to close down.  I feel it needs some life injected back into it.  I quickly picked up my pace, heading down back towards Parkville.

I get to Albert Street and even still, I have another stroll, although much shorter, still long enough.  There I meet Mitch, unloading a ute full of goodies.  Immediately my eye falls upon a vintage luggage case that would be fabulous in my room, but being a poor student, I decide not to.  I pick up my typewriter and take off to the Supermarket.  But along the way, I come across an undiscovered gem that is Pony Boy Parlour.  Full of cute jewelry and vintage finds, I fell into another daze, bumping into things with my typewriter as though a bull in a china shop.   The shop owners look at me with curiosity (or perhaps just wanting to me to get out) tempting me to explain my odd behaviour.

“I’m sorry.  I haven’t noticed this shop before.  It’s…it’s awesome.  Just what I have been looking for.”

“Yes. We have only been open for a few days.” The vintage-dressed woman behind the counter advised.

“Ah…explains a lot.  I will be sure to pass this on to my friends.  Do you have a business card?” I asked, still gobsmacked that I had found a store to suit all my needs, vintage and new.

“No.  Just those of the designers, however we do have a Facebook page.”


I purchase a gift for my friend HR and stumble out of the door, still amazed and dazed.  I then head to the Woolworths next door.  Everyone is looking at me, with my large, blue, heavy case.  All the oldies are probably thinking I am on smack carrying a typewriter around or think I am some terrorist.  I carry on, weary of what they might be thinking, and purchase some Orange Pecoe tea, Raspberry tartlets, skim milk and Salada’s.

“I deserve this.” I tell myself, envisioning myself eating those tartlets and drinking the tea.  Now it is time to head home.

As I carry my goods that I had purchased to the train station, I think of my sore feet in my $10 Rubi Shoes.  They really aren’t for walking long distances in, that’s for sure.

I step off the train at the Melbourne Zoo (which is near where I live) and as I walk home barefoot (which is something people should do more often!), I ponder my weeks events.  I have had a fabulous week.

I got to hang out with my friends everyday of the week. I went out four nights this week, three of them including beers or cheap and nasty champagne.  I saw two movies, even though they were very strange films.  I had macaroons and Orange Pecoe tea with HR at la Belle Miette.  I had dinner out twice, once in the city and the other time in St. Kilda.  I purchased a typewriter, went crazy at Zara, got full marks on a speech I presented while hungover and making it up on the spot as well as a distinction on the previous and managed to do well on another presentation…and purchased tickets to the Melbourne University Arts Ball.

I mean really, could life be anymore awesome than this?  But it will be only getting better for the next six months!!

I’m excited and can’t wait.  I love my friends and my life, but you shouldn’t be jealous.  It has taken almost 21 years for me to feel this happy and grateful and I hope it continues.  Anyone can make the most out of any situation, whether poor or wealthy.  You just need your friends.

Stacey xx


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