Me and my typewriter…Chapter 1

August 21, 2011

So today I will be getting my typewriter.  My first ever typewriter.

I have never ever used a typewriter before and never had much interest in one until I visited Sticky Institute in the Degraves Underground that is the subway for Flinders Street Station.  I felt incredibly inspired to write a zine after venturing out to Sticky Institute after shoveling down macaroons and Orange Pecoe tea.  I was on a sugary high, when I gained inspiration.

My friend HR posted a link of a typewriter on to my Facebook page when the idea really stuck.  I wanted it so bad, but had to wait for money (being the poor student that I am).  She then continued on to purchase the typewriter.  When i thought all hope was lost, she then mentioned the man selling the typewriter also had another.  My levels of joy rose quickly and I screamed a little.  All that excitement over a typewriter.  So this afternoon, I am going for a walk in the lovely sun and getting my typewriter and sitting in the park to type.

When you get excited over a typewriter that has been around for so many decades but you have been too naive or oblivious to its use due to new and updated technologies, I guess you know that you were born to write.  What appeals to me is that you don’t need power to use one of these babies, just the device itself, paper and some ink (I believe its an ink ribbon…?).  Anyhow, all I know is I am that excited.

Now to venture on to the record player to play some LP’s.  Yes, I have a sever case of retromania!

Enjoy the sun while it lasts people!!


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