…but I love camera’s more!!

August 23, 2011













So I love camera’s.  I am not very good at using them, but I think its important to capture every aspect of life as well as every moment.

I also love instant film camera’s.  I hate waiting to upload digital onto computers or get film produced, it takes too long and I have little patience or time for that.  That’s why I want a Polaroid 600.

They are quirky and provide that thrill that many camera’s don’t.  Sure, it takes a little while for the film to develop, but they are so fun!

I checked out this one website http://shop.the-impossible-project.com/shop/cameras/600/ca_one_classic_kit_pge, which is full of retro camera’s.  The funny thing is the name.  Impossible.

Well it really is.  All the cameras were sold out…

But still nice to dream.


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