Freedom from possessions !!

August 25, 2011

I am giving away my clothes to my friends and the rest can go to charity.  It’s not that they are crappy, some of the stuff cost me hundreds of dollars, its just I feel someone else could use it better than I!

What is the point of all these material possessions, when you don’t use them?  Is it just to say ‘I have more expensive shit than you?’

I am not so sure.  I know I used to love having all these things at one stage.   As a kid I didn’t have many clothes as my mother couldn’t afford it much.  So as soon as I started earning money and living out of home, I went crazy!!

So below I will list the things I have that I am getting rid of:

1x Witchery trench coat/parker
1x Red woolen swing jacket

1x Forever New Millitary wool blend jacket

1x Pair of Ralph Lauren sunnies

1x Large oversized black handbag

1x Charlie Brown purple dress that has been worn twice and brand new was $450 from Myer

Many books including Twilight saga, Agatha Christie and Clive Cussler and some cookbooks

Skirts, Dresses and tops.

So yeah.  That’s half my working life gone, but I don’t mind.  It feels a bit refreshing to have cupboard space again!



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