Manhattan Terrace, oh how I had you figured out

August 25, 2011

So, as I was walking from Melbourne Uni into the CBD, I walked past a place called ‘Manhattan Terrace’ in which, to me, looked classy on the outside and had an air or mystery to it.

I asked HR ‘Should we go in and see what is.?’

She replied ‘it looks like a brothel Stacey.’


Yes that was my reply.  Intrigued I leant towards the building, wanting to go inside to confirm my thoughts, but HR pulled me away.  Thank fuck!

Turns out her suspicions were right…its a brothel…LOL!!


3 Responses to “Manhattan Terrace, oh how I had you figured out”

  1. Elena Says:

    Hehe that’s what I was laughing about in the credits for Birthday when you thought I was insulting the film. Pretty sure I saw a name like it.

    I just walked past it and it was the first time I saw girls go inside.

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