Another crazy week…what of it?

September 3, 2011

So I challenged myself not to post for a week.  I succeeded.  It was actually surprisingly easy and made life much less stressful…

I love blogging, I honestly do!  But at times trying to be creative and wondering if anyone actually cares about the effort you put in to your blog to provide others with much happiness in there spare time, can be draining and daunting.  No one likes to not be liked or to be as HR puts it ‘forever alone’…

So I am back for now, but hopefully wont become so consumed in my blogging.

But for my daily rant, has anyone noticed how steeply airfares have risen lately?  Ever since Tiger airways managed to put themselves in deep shit, competitive prices have done a Moorhead and jumped out the window.  I mean, COME ON!! I just want to escape and live a little in Asia, living the life of a poor student and you have to be upping the prices on me. Gah!! I thought we are about to experience another recession.  I think a picnic in my backyard will be the closest and most affordable thing for me.

But on a positive note, I bought myself a la camera from Incu (off Finders Lane).  Yes, its from Lomography, is a film camera and doesn’t have flash, but its the love of my life at this current time.  I also influenced HR to buy a crazy ass dress that is so funky, its like I died and went to heaven.

I am now officially in love with this brand.

Its totally worth being poor for.

Eh. I have to continue my study (pfft which is virtually non-existent) and then head out to dinner…living the life can be so tough.  Peace!


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