Another dreary day…how that’s Melbourne!

September 6, 2011

Sitting in the warmth of the Vic Uni library isn’t all that bad.  Being on the 15th floor and overlooking the Melbourne CBD, it is quite enjoyable peering into apartments and seeing people on the ground as though small ants walking this Earth.  I can even see apartments that would be about 8 storeys up, in which each have their own plunge pools.  WOW!  I want one…

Living in Melbourne when you’re a student is quite hard.  Although Melbourne is the most livable city in the world, it is bloody expensive.  I don’t want to buy that cute tote bag I see in some hipster store.  Or the lace brogues I bought yesterday! I want to save for my am,azing trip to Asia and for my 21st birthday.  But it is very hard.  Especially when you have cool hipster friends who love going out for lunch, brunch and you are constantly surrounded by the most rad things (and random) that money can buy.

But I shall not complain, as my life is rather enjoyable, working only once a week and living life to the fullest.   Oh, and Asia tickets are a go-go.

Seven countries, one month.


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