Giving life to others is sooo draining!

September 6, 2011

I donated blood just about a half hour earlier.  I feel like crap.

I have just gotten over a stupid cold/tonsilitis bout and then i did the smart thing and donated blood out of a ‘spur of moment’ kind of thing.

Bad idea.  Especially when they tell you have low blood pressure.

But its worth it.  Speaking to the nurse lady, she advise me that at one point last year they were so low on blood supplies that they had to stop operations that weren’t life threatening and could wait.

Imagine telling someone that they had to suffer for a bit longer as there was not enough blood for their operation?

This is one of those ‘life sucks’ moments.  I think people should get off their lazy arse and donate.  It seriously is not that hard.  I do it regardless to me feeling shit during and afterward, but I will continue to do it as society relies on this.


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