The September Issue

September 6, 2011

So this week is Melbourne Spring fashion Week.  My friend Georgie is modelling on the weekend in which I intend to go and watch her like a proud mother (in a sense) as I know how hard she has worked for this.

Its quite interesting actually, that I have an interest in this event.  Not only is it a PR students dream to work in, but rather fascinating.  To watch models who are generally waif-like, strut down the runway wearing many items that are impratical, yet so stylish and expensive, its almost surreal.

I must admit, I did recently watch ‘The September Issue’  which follows the most famous fashion magazine editor, Anna Wintour.  I have to say, she is very inspiring.  Not only has she had to work incredibly hard, she has this amazing power and mistique, in that it only takes a look for a whole seasons work to either succeed or fail.  Of course another thing I must gush over is her amazing sense of style.

However who I admire perhaps even more than Anna Wintour herself, would be the creative editor of Vogue, Grace Coddington.  Now she is a lady who is not affraid to stand up to what she believes may be a winner in a months spread and has directed the most amazing shoots.

She also is not affraid of Anna.  Having worked with each other since they both started at Vogue U.S, she is not affraid to give her what for if necessary.  So of course after watching this film, I naturally pull out the salad, pluck my eyebrows and pull out my old fashion mags in which i have neglected this past year.

Oh how fashion makes me poor, but I at least I look good!

P.S. I love this months Australian Vogue cover.  Simple but striking!


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