Ironic sweaters are bestest

September 8, 2011

I purchased another ironic sweater with HR yesterday.  Sad, but true.  Yes, I got looked at.

But this time I got a compliment.  WHATS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??  Its an awful jumper and it gets a compliment??  Or maybe they too are ironic like me.  Nevertheless, its amazingly lame but cute (unlike my last purchase which was plain OUTRAGEOUS!)

So tonight= Melbourne Uni Arts Ball.  What of it you may ask…

Well tonight I have the pontential to die.  Not only is there a three course meal, but also an unlimited bar of beer and wine…dangerous considering everyone is around my age, who is attending.  Are they wanting to see young people die?? Because someone is bound to die when you consider a thousand students binge drinking til dawn.

I’m dressing up as Minnie Mouse as is HR.  We can’t be bothered getting into the real spirit so we decided on this. Lame, cool, suave…?? You be the judge.

Time to find some more ironic sweaters whilst eating sushi.  I love life!



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