Mining companies, get with the times!

September 18, 2011

When I was watching the ‘Anti-Carbon Tax’ ad when it first aired, I was stunned.  It wasn’t because I agreed with their stance on the carbon tax, to which to some extent I do.  However, it was the fact that I found this add offensive.

Had anyone realised that it is only men in the position of power, positioned as though they are the ‘bread makers’ and that women in this ad are portrayed as ‘homemakers’?

Being a young woman of twenty years of age, who was raised by a single, hardworking mother and who has been independent ever since leaving secondary school, I find this ad extremely discriminatory.  I thought that this type of advertising, where women are blatantly portrayed passively, with men dominantly, had been phased out since the 90s.

Are they assuming that the majority of Australian’s believe that women are the lesser of equivalent to men?  It’s appalling to see that the mining companies, who have been advertising how they have many women employed, are taking women back 50 or so years.  Appalling!


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