I love film talk on the train…

September 19, 2011

Film is something that has always been inspiring to me.  The way people can adapt to it as though it were a natural extension of themselves and delve into the character, is truly amazing.

When on the train today, I was talking to a colleague about film.  She is studying to be a Media teacher.  It took me back to the days of being a VCE student and loving my teacher Lyn, who I think and have always though, was an amazing Media teacher.

She tought me what hard work is, how to write on film, how to appreciate the semiotics of a film and to admire anyone who attempts to create a masterpiece.  Whether they actually do or not should not matter.  After all, we wouldn’t have half the laughs if all film was taken seriously.

I sign off to go collect my semiotics thesis statement, even though I know I barely passed.  But this doesn’t deter me from studying film.  Sure its a setback, but film is the one thing in life I am sure I want to be a part of.  I just have to figure out how…


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