My love-hate relationship with Melbourne

October 5, 2011

Today I spent $10 on a glass of fresh juice and a cup of truth coffee.  I then spent $11 on some cute earrings.  In addition, another $4.80 on tram tickets and $13 on postage.  Before this, I spent $160 on an appointment, in which the doctor assessed my situation within 10 minutes and referred me on to hospital…WHY IS MELBOURNE SO EXPENSIVE??

The thing is, I don’t know if I could ever leave this place for too long.  I love my coffee from ‘The Cup of Truth’ in which today I was presented with a joke by the barista and an amazing coffee (as always), with the best service out.  I also love talking the the lovely ladies at ‘Some Like It Hot’ in who a fabulously stylish and give great advice when it comes to fashion and just general.  So why leave this behind??

Melbourne is an experience.  You love, learn and discover new things and develop relationships with your local barista and shop owners.  However, it makes a student very dirt poor!


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