I am officially a tote operator

October 6, 2011

Today I completed my exam for tote operator at the races.  When they initially told us that there was going to be an exam, I immediately thought back to my VCE exams.  Sweat broke out on my forehead and palms, my insides churned and my mind went blank…WHAT???

For this job position, it is required that you attend all four training sessions and complete the exam with the pass rate of 80%.  Equivalentto a HD.  Of course I nearly miss my first training session when admitted to hospital as I could barely breathe, thanks to a nasty viral and secondary bacterial infection.  So I had to reorganise the WHOLE session period around.  This meant that today I couldn’t attend my ‘Deal or No Deal’ audition.  But that’s ok, because today I had the exam.

I have a fear of failure, so exams can stuff me up real good at times.  But today I succeeded.  I was literally stressing for nothing.  But I still have fear as today I was informed that any money missing from the til, due to human error, we pay back.  NO F*%@ing WAY!!!

Yes way.  But I’m perfect, so this should be no problem… :/

But I love what I do, as I love the races and the people that take the time to train us.  Take Doug.  He’s in his 70s and is a part of TAB along with his wife of 47 years.  I admire this man.  Especially his sense of humour!

I can’t wait to start working the Melbourne Cup Carnival, the experience will be unforgettable!


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