October 7, 2011

Today I was late for my lecture, as per usual on a Friday morning.  Other than receiving a Distinction, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Disappointing perhaps…However I do have a certain person on the brain, which is rather a worry.

All I can think of lately is how little money I have.  People say ‘why don’t you work more?’.  Well, considering if I miss one night of good sleep, my tonsils flare up and I get infection after infection, this is why.  I also need to focus on school.

But then there is my birthday to pay for and my Asia trip.  It is looking more likely that I will have to sell myself once in Asia.  I go in for surgery during December to get my tonsils out (HOORAY!!) but at the same time f*%k…

It could be worse…but I am feeling pretty average


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