I love my friend :)

October 8, 2011

FYHR: Men are cowards

Why is it at 23 I’ve just realised this fact?

I may be a super bitch, and from Queensland, so I think I could punch this dude in the face on behalf of my friend.

My friend was being led on by this dude. Bad. And it turns out that none of the shit he was saying was true. That’s a shit lame thing to do and this guy needs to grow balls because he was also doing THE SAME THING to another girl. Even fucking them both on the same night.

And that girl was me.

Besides that, I am still fucking angry. Angry because he decides to ignore all her repeated confrontations over phone and facebook and pleas for him to explain himself and say sorry like a real man would do.

And then send her a message, a week before he’s due to arrive back in Australia saying that he’s thinking of her.

What a fucking crock. He didn’t even say sorry or bother to explain himself. Take me away from this whole situation and I would still be mad. What gives the guy a right to come back into somebody’s life like that without giving somebody the respect of actually explaining himself to her? Just because he’s realising he’s going to be ALONE when he comes back because we’ve both given up on him?

What is love anymore? Why did I spend a year and a half on my knees for this guy?

I thought he just treated me like this.



It sucks when a guy does that to you…the whole ‘I was thinking about you the other day…’ SERIOUSLY?? Like that ones original!!  Mike did that to me after the first time he fucked up.

I’m the other girl she is talking about.  I’m glad we did meet this guy, because now we have a friendship anyway.  I don’t hate him or dislike him, but I wouldn’t go there again.  Sure he had and maybe still has nice pecks and bum, but i didn’t like his skills lol!  I think I could be friends if he apologised, but I am not compromising shit for him.  Hannah has been there while he has not.  Simple!  In saying that GIRLPOWER!!!


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