Anyone for cake…?

October 9, 2011

Today and this weekend has been uber productive!! I am proud of that considering my body has and still is copping a beating from infection.

I have nearly completed both a 7 min talk and referencing for that talk, a 1500 word essay including referencing and explanations of my references, I got down to the bottom of my basket for the first time in a LONG TIME, caught up with my cleaning, planned some more for my 21st and made the best lunch of smashed bean wraps and sweet potato hot chips.

And there is the orange and almond flour less cake.  NOM NOM!!!

Also, HR came over and we made scones and bitched for a good hour or so.  I consider this weekend a success in every way!

Plus I don’t feel too tired today 😀

Now to complete my talk on the ban of livestock export to Indonesia.  It’s more interesting than it may appear!!


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