The Christmas countdown begins!

October 9, 2011

It’s not even my birthday yet, however I am already finding myself to be consumed in the Christmas fever! My birthday is in November, Christmas in December.  So why is it I feel the need to but gifts for people already?  Oh, that’s right! Because of the increasing pressure we put on ourselves to outdo each other every year.

So I decided to start buying slowly and early.  So far I have all my friends sorted.  I decided this year I wasn’t going for anything expensive, as I have to save for when I am in surgery and when I go to Asia.  But I still have my mum and brother to buy for.  Then my brother drops the ‘I was thinking of an outdoor dining set or something ‘.  Ok, I will fork out $400 for your gift.  After all, I am miss money bags!

I used to be the person who bought the best gifts, but got shit ones in return.  I have learnt my lesson.  Now where can I get some bonds socks and underwear…


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