University students to gain free gym membership; a government initiative

March 14, 2012

This is what we are campaigning for.  Free university gym memberships, at the expense of the government.  People may say its indulging the selfish needs of the student, but I see it as creating a healthy lifestyle and assisting those that cant afford it, to go and get fit.

But its not only about fitness.  Its about a healthy mind as well.  Which I can sometimes struggle with.  Why?

Because of money.  It is the only reason why I get depressed as it seems no matter how much I work, I am getting nowhere.  There is no assistance and now I have to leave uni to be able to afford to live.  I need a gym and its staff and equipment for my army fitness testing, but I cant go as I have only around $50 for transport and food per week.

Its horrible.  There are no scholarships for me to apply for and I am working 3 days, sometimes 5 days, per week in order to try and pay bills.  My shoes are falling apart (including my work ones which have holes in them), my work clothes are falling to pieces and I am eating bread everyday because its cheap (making me fatter).

I feel if we had free gym membership, at least I could have the option of getting fitter with the help of a trainer and my mind would be better.  I don’t even have self confidence anymore…Two years ago I was 12 kgs lighter.  Now I want to hide and not be seen by anyone.


You can see what people would say. ‘What about the other gyms?’  Well, maybe they will becoming more competitive in pricing.. Just saying…


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