The peer pressure of drinking

March 25, 2012

I am trying to pay off debt and then change my spending habits drastically so I can go to Vietnam and Cambodia before enlistment in the Defence Force.

However, I am constantly being pulled between the struggles of student culture and partying until you pass out.  It is my form of entertainment and relaxing.  But of late, I have not wanted to partake in these binge drinking rituals, but instead hibernate in the comfort of my house in between uni, work and the gym.

It is rather depressing, I am not going to lie.  But I have had a hectic 12 months and am needing this respite.  I am now ill, in which is also effecting my social habits as it is now too tiresome to do continue.  It is very depressing.  But in that I must continue to stay  positive and battle through and not be dragged into the partying culture which is only a false sense of security of happiness.  Its scary to not know what is wrong when you are sick to the point it interrupts your life, but its a part of life.  I just see it as ‘getting it out of the way’ before I start my real career and life.

Next year I hope to be in ADFA studying phsyics and essentially rocks…I know sounds boring, but I love meteorology.  I just hope I can make it through..


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