Hey Stranger ;)

March 26, 2013


It’s been well over a year since I posted on here…well I think so anyway. As per normal, I have met great people, lost a few toxic ones and fell in and out love. I have had a bad/great start to the year, losing so far 12-14 kgs (thanks to current bloating :/) and having had my heart broken, my foot fractured playing netball, had to forfeit my overseas travel due to this and also ended up in ER when my anxiety medication that I was withdrawing from had an epic clash with another medication. Did I mention the part about a miscarriage? Plus now my back is very out and my ovaries are misbehaving….WOW!

But in saying that, I think it has also been another year in which I have grown older and more mature. I have a great relationship with my family and a very good one with my mother.  One weekend this year, we had a girls weekend and hung out.  She was there when Dejan called it off with me (which looking back was definitely the right thing), there to buy the liquor for me and there to see me the next day after lines of cocaine and probably 20 odd drinks…I told her everything, HUNG OVER AS A HORSE WHILE ON A HORSE, WITH A FRACTURED FOOT!!

When it comes to pain, I can deal with it.  Give me painkillers and I will fucking dance for you. But when it comes to man pain…well, thats when I fall to pieces.

Meet Dejan.  6’0″ tall, Serbian, handsome, stylish, highly intelligent and has motivation.

Meet Stacey. 5’0″ tall, don’t know what the fuck I am, quirky but stylish, highly intelligent, motivated BUT FUCKING CRAZY!

I recently have come to the terms that perhaps my outlandish behaviour is not the most appropriate other than at home and with my closest friends.  I also realised I can be quite the C U NEXT TIME….typical Scorpio woman!

Anyway, typical girl falls in love, man doesn’t want anything, girl turns crazy, they are no more.  MOVING ON…

So I slept my way over it, even though I will probably think about him for the next 6 months.  I must admit, even though he is handsome, I can do awesomely in the looks department…WIN!

No I am hanging out at home with my bros, focusing on school, work and fashion….oh and somewhere in there health…which has gone to shit.

Pretty sure my body is hating on me a lot right now.  I am rather concerned and I am actually being serious which is a rarity!

So, my blog will be beauty, pain, interior design (which is my new hobby/study) and trying to get by like the rest of the world I suppose.

I may even plan an escape overseas and live a life filled with exotic men, red wine and writing.

My kind of life!


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