April 1, 2013

Wondering silently through the darkness,

Is a figure so devious, only out to scare.

Even those who have wit and intelligence,

Know that looking back, they wouldn’t dare.


Twisting and turning in your shadow,

You could be fooled that you were alone.

Relaxing and breathing a sigh of relief,

False sense of security, fearlessness dethroned.


When suddenly into the light a figure appears,

Leaps your heart and stomach into your mouth.

The nameless silhouette is approaching.

Your body motionless, adrenaline in routh.


‘Who goes there?’ you ask with a hint of hesitance,

Afraid of the answer, if you receive one at all.

The sound of silence followed by shuffling,

‘Quick!’Screams your mind,hiding against the wall…


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